AIRCARE PROJECTS offering a wide range of Dispensing / Sampling Booth. We are leading manufacturer for pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries. This units is designed and made with stainless steel for providing safety to the operator and the surrounding environment.
Dispensing / Sampling booths are designed as Open Front Containment Systems with built-in Scavenging arrangement that draws Powder aerosols away from the operator and the operating environment, protecting products and personnel for 100% cleanliness. These workstations provide clean Class 100 laminar flow air for process Protection by using a two-stage filtration process. Room air is first clean with an electrostatically charged pre-filter and then further cleaned with a HEPA filter.Laminar air flows circulation system


  • Cleanliness : Class 100
  • Particle retention : 0.3 micron
  • Standard : FED 209E
  • Velocity : 100FPM + 20%
  • Illumination : 4 ft. 40w with diffuser
  • Noise level : 60-65 decibels
  • Nozzles : Adjustable SS
  • Power supply : 220v single phase.
  • Three stage filtration systems.

Main Components:

  • Pre-filters 10 Micron
  • Intermediate Filter — 3 Micron
  • HEPA Filter — 0.3 Micron
  • Statically & Dynamically balanced blowers with isolator to reduce noise level
  • Fluorescent Lights with Milky White Diffuser
  • Differential Pressure Gauges for Pre,Intermediate,HEPA filters.
  • Blower, CFL,UV Light ON/OFF Switches.
  • DOP/PAO ports for HEPA Filter Integrity.
  • Power sockets 6/16Amps Power Sockets.
  • Variable frequency drives for velocity control.
  • HEPA filter pressure indicators for replacement signals.
  • Stainless steel platform for weighing