Designed with precision, the Reverse Laminar Air Flow is ideal for Operator Protection, Product Protection and Environment Protection. Based on the smooth working profile and high-end performance of our Reverse Laminar Air Flow units. Furthermore, Reverse Laminar Air Flow units can be customized to suit the precise requirements of the clients.


  • Maximum protection from airborne contaminants produced at the time of powder handling operations such as charging, sampling, and dispensing
  • Powder coated Mild Steel, SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L or a combination of both
  • Down flow booth functions on a re-circulatory airflow principle At the base of the rear wall there is Pre-filter to capture the airborne generated contaminants. Intake velocity at pre-filters increases to offer scavenging effect Continuous, clean, laminar down flow of Class 100 air supplied to work area in order to suppress Any dust clouds produced during open powder processing And eradicate and capture airborne particles from the operator’s breathing zone

Triple Stage filtration

  • EU6 – Pre-filter (95% down to 5 micron)
  • EU14 – HEPA Filter – Supply (99.999% down to 0.3 micron)
  • EU7 – INTERMEDIATE FILTER – Supply / Exhaust (95% down to 3 micron)
  • Balanced Motor-blower with suspension arrangement for diminishing the noise level
  • Internal covings for easy cleaning
  • SS 304 Double walled Side Panels
  • DOP Test port at upstream of HEPA filter
  • Differential Pressure Gauge: 3 Nos. to monitor pressure drop across three stages of filters.
  • On / Off Switch for Motor
  • 5/15 Amp Switch Socket for external equipment
  • Fluorescent Light with Milky White Diffuser