Classification of the Cleanroom

When running a business, high standards must usually be followed, especially in terms of cleanliness and keeping out particles and bacteria. The manufacturing, semiconductor, industrial, electronics, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries all depend on properly functioning clean rooms. These rooms have climate control, and ventilation, temperature, humidity, and contamination are all carefully monitored. They limit how much dust, gas, and microbes can enter the area.

Many companies depend on cleanrooms to keep their production rates high and the quality of their products intact. When constructing a cleanroom, a stringent protocol should be followed to guarantee that the proper precautions are taken. Our experts at AIRCARE PROJECTS PVT. LTD. will provide consultation and suggestions to help you determine which classification will work best for your procedure.

Types of Cleanroom:-

Modular Cleanroom

Using prefabricated modular components that are installed on-site, a modular cleanroom is a cleanroom that has been built.

Reasons to select modular cleanrooms:

  • Modular cleanrooms may be created and installed 50% more quickly than stick-built cleanrooms made of traditional construction.
  • Modular cleanrooms are much easier to modify, expand, or relocate than cleanrooms built using traditional construction methods.
  • With temperature and RH control, modular cleanrooms can be constructed for any classification (class 100–100k, ISO5–ISO8).

Aircare Projects Pvt. Ltd. are the specialist of providing services aiming to build the best modular cleanrooms as per client’s requirements.


Hybrid Cleanroom

A hybrid cleanroom is one that was constructed by fusing pre-existing conventional construction walls with modular components.

When should you adopt a hybrid cleanroom layout?

  • It can be less expensive to use existing conventional construction walls and modular cleanroom air returns and interior walls.
  • Installation of the cleanroom is greatly accelerated by the use of modular cleanroom components.
  • For less demanding ISO-7 or ISO-8 class cleanrooms, hybrid works best.

At Aircare Projects Pvt. Ltd., our specialists are proficient to provide assistance for designing and developing Hybrid Cleanrooms. For more details connect to our experts today.


Softwall Cleanroom

A softwall cleanroom has walls made from clear vinyl drapes that are strung from an aluminium frame. Aircare Projects Pvt. Ltd can help you build highly efficient softwall cleanrooms.

  • One-pass cleanrooms have soft walls. HEPA fan filter units draw filtered air into the cleanroom. The air returns to the space it originally came from via the curtain.
  • Cleanrooms with softwalls can be installed on casters for simple mobility.
  • Softwall cleanrooms cannot be equipped with air conditioning, in contrast to recirculating modular cleanrooms.


Medical Device Cleanroom

The production of medical devices takes place in Medical Device Cleanrooms.

  • According to the requirements of the device’s FDA validation and CGMP practice, medical device cleanrooms are intended to create a controlled environment.
  • The modular cleanroom is designed to produce medical devices in a sterile environment.
  • Because medical device cleanrooms require frequent cleaning, FRP modular cleanroom walls are frequently utilised for these environments.

We are a leading service provider of Medical Device Cleanrooms designing. Book your appointment with our expert today.


Cleanroom for pharmaceuticals

A cleanroom used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals is referred to as a pharmaceutical cleanroom.

  • Pharmaceutical cleanrooms are created to offer a controlled environment that complies with CGMP guidelines and your FDA-approved validation.
  • The modular cleanroom is designed to produce pharmaceutical items in a sterile environment.
  • Typically, filling rooms are ISO5 class 100.

Due to the harsh chemicals that are utilised to clean pharmaceutical cleanrooms, FRP modular cleanroom walls are the norm. Our experts are experienced and skilled to provide these services.


Turnkey Complete Cleanroom

A turnkey complete cleanroom is one in which the modular cleanroom provider offers start-to-finish services, handling every facet of the cleanroom project.

This comprises:

  • Manufacturing of modular cleanroom components
  • HVAC, electrical, and flooring installation for modular cleanrooms are offered.
  • Modular cleanroom certification


Mask Production Cleanroom

During the Covid-19 emergency, a cleanroom called the “mask manufacturing cleanroom” was employed to manufacture surgical and K95 masks.

  • Due to the categorization of the mask as a medical device, the cleanroom is created to offer a sterile, controlled environment.
  • For quick production in the facility and customer installation in the field, a special modular cleanroom design is used.
  • Modular cleanroom wall systems made it possible to swiftly and affordably transform an existing warehouse into a cleanroom.

Our experts at Aircare Projects Pvt. Ltd. are qualified to assist with planning and creating Mask Manufacturing Cleanroom


Laser Cleanroom

A laser cleanroom is a cleanroom designed for sensitive laser experimentation.

  • Blackout drapes for a clean room
  • HEPA filtering to eliminate airborne contaminants from cleanrooms that could affect test results
  • Strict temperature and humidity control for the cleanroom environment

Planning and constructing a Laser Cleanroom can be assisted by the specialists at Aircare Projects Pvt. Ltd.


Static Dissipative Cleanroom

A static-dissipative cleanroom is made to stop static buildup, which can harm delicate electronic components.

Features consist of:

  • Modular cleanroom walls with static dissipation
  • Cleanroom flooring with static dissipation
  • Regulation of humidity
  • Bars with ions


E-liquid cleanrooms

E-liquids for electronic cigarettes are mixed in special rooms called “E-liquid Cleanrooms.”

  • According to regulatory standards, e-liquid cleanrooms offer a regulated, clean environment for the production of e-liquid ingredients.
  • The e-liquid cleanroom can be quickly installed and expanded thanks to modular cleanroom characteristics.
  • Many e-liquid companies employ modular cleanrooms as an affordable alternative to larger cleanrooms of a smaller size.


USP797/800 Cleanrooms

Compounding pharmacies employ cleanrooms that meet USP 797/800 standards.

  • Depending on the kind of medicine that is being compounded, a sterile or negative pressure cleanroom is needed.
  • ISO7 compounding rooms, gloveboxes, and ISO8 gown rooms are frequently needed in USP797/800 cleanrooms.
  • For the vast range of USP797/800 cleanroom sizes, a modular cleanroom is an affordable solution.

Aircare Projects Pvt. Ltd.’s specialists are equipped to offer guidance on organising and constructing USP797/800 Cleanrooms.


Cleanroom for CBD Extraction

For CGMP practices that are subject to FDA regulation, a CBD Extraction Cleanroom is necessary.

Common characteristics include:

  • HEPA fan filter devices are used in ISO7 or ISO8 cleanrooms to filter the air there.
  • modular cleanroom walls that can be cleaned
  • Dressing room airlock for cleanroom attire
  • Magnehelic gauges to compare cleanroom air pressure to ambient air pressure.

The professionals at Aircare Projects Pvt. Ltd can give you the correct instructions if your manufacturing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, or aerospace company is wanting to create cleanrooms. With more than 35 years of experience in cleanroom design and construction, as well as track records on previous cleanroom projects, we can guarantee that your cleanroom requirements and standards will be met and even exceeded. Call us at this time or visit our website for more details about cleanroom classification requirements, design, and construction.

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