Modular Cleanroom importance in Heath Care

For the last previous some years we are going through a pandemic disease. That might be affecting directly or indirectly around the globe. Our health care system is also trying to conquer this Pandemic. But unfortunately, it is like a wildfire that has no control. Still, India helped the globe develop some medicine for COVID – 19. Now, the scenario of the pandemic has a little bit different from the earlier one. Offices are remained open and all activities become normal. The pandemic has not yet stopped. It’s spreading nowadays too.  There we want to precautions from this. According to the published report in Economic Times Health World on June 17, 2022, the headline was this “Rising COVID – 19 cases. India registers 12,847 new infections, active cases rise to 63,063”. For more information about this article.

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Importance of the Clean Air & Cleanroom

Today we are facing a serious concern is Air pollution. Thousands of people get patient due to the air pollution. You may a have question in your mind how can anyone get patient due to air pollution?

We can see in a detailed way how anyone can get patient due to air pollution and what is the importance of clean air & Healthcare Engineering. Every day when we are breathing thousand of invisible particles like dust, dirt, and various types of bacteria, Viruses, and gasses enter our breathing system. Some of them are the cause of diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, COVID, and even Lung Cancer.

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