Modular Cleanroom importance in Heath Care

For the last previous some years we are going through a pandemic disease. That might be affecting directly or indirectly around the globe. Our health care system is also trying to conquer this Pandemic. But unfortunately, it is like a wildfire that has no control. Still, India helped the globe develop some medicine for COVID – 19. Now, the scenario of the pandemic has a little bit different from the earlier one. Offices are remained open and all activities become normal. The pandemic has not yet stopped. It’s spreading nowadays too.  There we want to precautions from this. According to the published report in Economic Times Health World on June 17, 2022, the headline was this “Rising COVID – 19 cases. India registers 12,847 new infections, active cases rise to 63,063”. For more information about this article.

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I aforementioned in my previous article, that we need to know how can we get precautions for ourselves and our loved ones. if you are not read the article, please go through that. The NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) has some guidelines about the Modular Cleanroom in Hospitals and OTs (Operation Theaters). Let us see what is the guideline prescribed for the Hospitals and OTs.

As per the published amendment on August 25, 2010, column No:3,

  1. A The AHU (Air Handling Unit) of each OT should be a dedicated one and should not be linked to the air conditioning of any area.
  2. During the non-functional hours’ the AHU blower will be operational round the clock (may without temperature control). VFD devices may be used to conserve energy.
  3. Window and split AC should not be used in any type of OT because they are pure recirculating units and have convenient pockets for microbial growth which cannot be sealed.
  4. The Floorings, Walls, and celling should be porous, smooth, seamless without corners, and should be easily cleanable repeatedly. The material should be chosen accordingly.
  5. Validation of the system to be done as per ISO 14664 standards and necessarily include: –
    1. Temperature and Humidity check
    2. Air Particular count
    3. Air Change Rate Calculation
    4. Air velocity at the outlet of the filtration unit/ filters
    5. Pressure differential level of the OT wrt ambient/ adjoining areas
    6. Validation of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) Filters by appropriate tests like DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) etc.
    7. Maintenance of the system: – it is recommended that periodic preventive

      6. maintenance be carried out in terms of cleaning of pre-filters at the interval of 15 days. Preventive maintenance of all the parts is carried out as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.  For more information about the aforementioned amendment please click on the below link: –

On the other hand, NABH also prescribes hospitals should have neat and should have maintained good indoor air quality. According to the search result of Google and the records of the Health and Family welfare, in India, there are 43,486 private and 7,39,024 Govt. Hospitals actively working. How many of working under the guidelines of the NABH? Think about it. We want to know every rule for our well-being. It is not my exhorts. it is your right. I know it is not possible for everyone. But you can go through the related articles, Websites, and other related media nowadays easily. According to the Statista website research in India, there are 622 million web users actively using the internet and in 2025 it would increase up to 900 million. All information you can get in a second away. just search it.

I am not blaming all hospitals are not working under the NABH guidelines. According to the NABH website, there are 522 hospitals from the 43,486 listed. Rest all just operating as a

hospital without any precaution. Our country is one of the largest overcrowded. Here the population is more than 1.3 billion. You can also see the live example at the hospital. According to the published article in The Hindu newspaper by T.M. Cintya Anand on 11th February 2017. The Headline of the article was “When hospital infects you” and the article starts like this “A large number of patients who go to hospitals come back with something more serious. According to the World Health Organisation, at any given time over 1.4 million people across the globe suffer from a nosocomial or hospital-acquired infection (HAI). HAIs account for 2 million cases and about 80,000 deaths a year.” To read this article, click the below link: –

I hope you understand the aforementioned importance of the more Guidelines of the NABH. This is a serious issue nowadays. Why we are throwing our life to death. Think about it and act on it.

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