Importance of the Clean Air & Cleanroom

Today we are facing a serious concern is Air pollution. Thousands of people get patient due to the air pollution. You may a have question in your mind how can anyone get patient due to air pollution?

We can see in a detailed way how anyone can get patient due to air pollution and what is the importance of clean air & Healthcare Engineering. Every day when we are breathing thousand of invisible particles like dust, dirt, and various types of bacteria, Viruses, and gasses enter our breathing system. Some of them are the cause of diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, COVID, and even Lung Cancer.

According to a report published in Economic Times by Dr. Rajvi Mehta, The Micro Biologist, and scientific consultant at Trivector Biomed LLP on July 19, 2021. The headlines of the report were that “According to CDC, one in twenty-five patients who are hospitalized in the USA acquire an infection from the hospital while a WHO review of 220 studies reported much higher rates of HAI in developed countries” and the Microbiologist continues on that report “The COVID pandemic has alerted us about the seriousness of air-borne infections. Tuberculosis is one such disease tormenting India.”. if you want to read the full article, please click the below link: –

Now you may have thought that we are living indoors. So, how we can get affected by the above-mentioned diseases? We are living 90% of our life indoors. But, if indoor air quality is not good, there is a change of effects all above mentioned diseases. When we inhale air all the invisible particles will enter our breathing system’s wall and some airborne bacteria will spread the infection in our breathing system. It may lead you to a temporary or permeant patient.

According to another report published by RICHIE MITTAL, President of ISHARE on the internet says “The ISHARE issues a guideline during COVID-19 for use of HVAC system for Residential, Commercial, and Healthcare of India.” You also refer to this article below: –

As aforementioned all the report studies show what is our environmental condition and where it is going. We want to seriously think about the solution for the air pollution nowadays.

How can we find a solution for the pollution?

According to the second report, we can go with Cleanroom. Now, you might have a question what is Cleanroom? How does it work against air pollution?

The answer is simple Cleanroom means an environment free from dust and other contaminants, used chiefly for the manufacture of electronic components. It is helping you to block airborne viruses, bacteria, dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

Who we are? What are we doing for the Aircare solution?

We are India’s growing Aircare solution provider based at Por, Vadodara, Gujarat. Our organization’s name is Aircare Projects Pvt. Ltd. We mostly deal with Aircare products manufacturing, solutions & Services. We have finished numerous projects of the Aircare solution in most prestigious organizations nationwide and abroad. In Aircare solution we are dealing with the HVAC system and Cleanroom. We are also dealing with various verticals like Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Life Science, Bio-Technology, Medical devices, Manufacturing Companies, laboratories & Research, Industrial Labs, Nanotech, Electronics, I-Robotics, Cold Storage, Transformers & Cable Industries, etc,.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning System)

HVAC is the system that is used to provide heating and ventilation air conditioning for a controlled environment. The HVAC system will play a vital role in contamination control for cleanroom projects. The major components used in cleanroom air distribution are Air Handling Unit (AHU), Filter Modules (FM), Risers, Grills, Volume Control Dampers (VCD), Fire Dampers (FD), Ducting, and Conducing Units (CU). For the design and manufacturing of Cleanroom air distribution components, we have to follow the latest guidelines and standards of ASHRAE, ISHRAE, SMACNA, and ARI. For more details go to our website.

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